Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Explanation Impossible!

Have you ever told someone something that you are planning on doing, and then realized that they REALLY don't understand at all? That would be me with my bike ride across Florida!

I contemplated whether or not I was going to tell my dad about it. I didn't want him to be upset with me. But we talk EVERY day at 5:00 pm and if he cannot get in touch with me he blows my phone up, so I figured it was best to tell him I would be unavailable to talk. I did my best to explain, but he only halfway listens. Here are a few of our following conversations:

Dad: "I was thinking about your marathon. It won't take that long right? If you are averaging 30 mph...."
Me:"It's a bike ride. And I won't be averaging 30 mph it will be A LOT slower."
Dad: "So more like 10 mph? Hum.....yeah.....that's gonna take a while."

Dad: "What did you do today?"
Me: "Rode 150 miles."
Dad: "Wow! You are really getting ready for that marathon!"
Me: "It's a bike ride Dad."

Dad:"Are you going to workout today?"
Me: "Yep. Swam this morning, now I am going to run and lift weights."
Dad: "Dang! That's a lot of working out. I bet you are going to win your age group in your marathon!"
Me: "There are no age groups. It's a solo record break attempt"
Dad: "Well then you sure sound like you are going to kick Jason's ass!"

Dad: "Hey, how did that thing go last night where you stayed up all night? Was Jason with you?"
Me:"Yes, it went really well. I rode about 211 miles."
Dad: "111 miles? That's great honey!"

Even better than explaining things to dad is telling the people at work. As you know, I work in a retirement community. I LOVE my "old peeps". They live vicariously through my training and adventures. They really and truly love hearing about my races. Everything I do is a "half-marathon" Most of these people are in their 80's and 90's and cannot conceptualize this amount of physical activity. They are very active, but organized racing, especially done by a woman, was totally unheard of when they were young. They ask the funniest questions and think of things that you and I never would. When I told them about Jason's first 100 miler, done in the rain and mud the first thing they said was "How did you keep the mud from getting in the car?"

So every Monday they wait in anticipation for me to tell them what I did. If I "raced a half marathon" and won my age group, by the end of the day I am an Olympic speed skater. Information gets very skewed very quickly around here.

I told them about the bike ride mostly because I am not sure what type of shape I will be in after it. Last year after Cedar Point 140.6 they offered me their walkers. I didn't want anyone to be upset if I am limping around for a few days. It's taken about 2 months of me telling them about my training for it to FINALLY sink in. They get it. I am going to ride all day and all night. And NO, I will not be stopping to brush my teeth.

When I arrived Monday a man said "Dani! What did you do this weekend! Ride 100 miles!?" After I explained the overnight 211 miler the sweetest 94 year old lady looked me dead in the eyes and said "I will be praying for you."

Not sure if she meant my physical well being or for my sanity, but whatever. I'll take it.


  1. I, too, will be praying for you! Haha... I love the fact that what you are doing is beyond explanation. Good luck in you half-marathon car race!

  2. That's awesome!! My mom came to watch Clearwater and as I'm putting my wetsuit on she says, "So how long is this marathon?"


  3. I love you Dani!!! I will be thinking about you all day and night!! You are awesome and I can't wait to join back in on the craziness with you!

  4. You are a fucking machine. that is all...